A sustainable world


At present, S’Atra Sardigna represents one of the most important realities in national and international organic food sector, whose main aim is promoting the culture of health and environmental protection through quality, traceability and typicality of organic food products and, therefore, of production methods.

We work to create an organic farming of staple food in our diet. We consider an honour to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the food people eat every day: by choice and lifestyle we deal with staple food. We believe that organic food without harmful substances should be a universally recognized right and accessible to all. A part of our mission consists in making this come true.

This is why, for almost 40 years, we have been acting for the development of organic farming. Our second challenge is not to allow the organic to be closed in a niche. In fact, we have accepted the competition with mass conventional products: the prices of organic products cannot be compared to those of the products coming from chemical agriculture, since the cost of organic products is motivated by the higher costs of production, with respect to traditional polluting agriculture. We believe that a better future will be possible if all of us will be able to reduce any source of waste and to choose a diet based more on vegetal proteins and less on animal proteins.

Considering all costs and benefits, we are sure that it is much more affordable for us all and our planet, that everyone eats food without poisons, cultivated following the methods of organic agriculture.

The Cooperative represents over 300 organic farmers on the front line for the protection of a sustainable and supportive way of doing organic agriculture, in which all the steps, from producer to consumer, are completed respecting everyone’s actions and the fairness of the final price.

etichetta identificativa

Identification label of the fruit and vegetable organic product S’Atra Sardigna