United by a great value


The Cooperative S’Atra Sardigna is the largest reality of organic producers’ organization in Sardinia. A constantly growing reality, which collects the production of more than 300 fruit and vegetable and livestock Sardinian organic producers.

Behind the Cooperative, you can find many stories, many realities united by great values: environmental sustainability and cooperation.

Since its birth, the commitment of the Cooperative has focused on the producers’ collaboration and support, on the respect for the environment and for the final consumer, promoting the Organic Guarantee, which is always offered by the Cooperative, both at national and international level; the system of belief of S’Atra Sardigna is translated into the support given to the producer members through the yearly programming of production and purchase of organic products, and into the planning.

S’Atra Sardigna underpins its commitment on economic and social democracy:

  • Reinvestment of possible operating surpluses in the company, without a distribution among the partners,
  • Tens of sector meetings to define production programmes, price policies, technical regulations;
  • Internal commercial structure integrated in the social basis;
  • Worker members who are not paid according to how much is sold, but complying with the work contracts.


The yearly programming of production and sales provides the members of the Cooperative with a better and effective organization, allowing a higher income for producers and a higher quality and guarantee for consumers.


The support to the producers of the Cooperative S’Atra Sardigna aims also at improving the systems of organic production to optimize it through the technical innovation, in respect of environmental sustainability – encouraging renewable energies and systems of circular economy

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